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Living on the Edge 06.05.2021
Adios Costa del Sol! 26.04.2021
A Little Italy in Spain 14.04.2021
"Enjoy your life!" 04.04.2021
Small Town Andalusia 14.03.2021
The Return to Seville 06.03.2021
Spain’s “Taj Mahal” 18.02.2021
Spring skiing in January 🎿🇪🇸 31.01.2021
Cartagena, the Final Chapter 24.01.2021
Cartagena - Part 2 20.01.2021
Christmas in Spain 13.01.2021
Tarragona “Take 2” 30.12.2020
Costa Brava - hike, bike, eat, sleep, repeat! 28.12.2020
Liquid Hot Magma...Volcanoes in Spain? 16.12.2020
A Castle and a Cat 12.12.2020
It’s all about the food...til next time Barcelona! 02.12.2020
Picking up where we left off...back in Spain! 26.11.2020
Celebrating, Evacuating and Re-entry 21.03.2020
Canadians Invade Southern Spain! 12.03.2020
New tracks in Europe ❄️⛷❄️ 02.02.2020
New Years resolution: Enjoy every moment! 14.01.2020
Best of 2019! 01.01.2020
Autumn in Andalusia 17.12.2019
All roads lead to Madrid! 01.12.2019
Back in Spain...where there’s never a dull moment! 05.11.2019
Syros, last stop in the Greek Islands! 16.10.2019
Party on Paros! 09.10.2019
Special Edition: Escaping to the Greek Islands 23.09.2019
Camino de Cuatro Amigo's (Trail of four friends) 18.09.2019
Life’s a beach in San Sebastián! 01.09.2019
Cooling down in the Pyranees 09.08.2019
Paddling Costa Brava...and Sting! 01.08.2019
Wine, lavender and cars - can it get any better?! 20.07.2019
Leesa and the lakes! “Mama Mia!” 10.07.2019
Viva l’ltalia! 28.06.2019
The France Finale 17.06.2019
Summer is here in France....not so much in Edinburgh! 12.06.2019
Adventures in Cinque Terre! 07.06.2019
Special Edition: Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix 01.06.2019
Fun with friends in Provence...with a step into Italy! 26.05.2019
Views, cars, food.....magnifique! 15.05.2019
Are we in France or Spain? 08.05.2019
Last week in Barcelona! 03.05.2019
Erika's Visit and our first St. Jordi's Day! 26.04.2019
Our first visitors! 19.04.2019
Exploring... 15.04.2019
Week One - Are we really here? 08.04.2019